GoFetch has a Fetcher incentive programme based on the number of jobs you do. As a member of the GoFetch Kennel Club, you will earn rewards based on the achievement of certain milestones. This is our way of saying thank you for your loyalty and each package contains ever more valuable rewards.

0 - 10 Jobs

Once you have completed your first fetch, you automatically enter the club as a Pup. This is great news! You will be a member of the gig economy and a work model that is changing the way the courier industry operates. As you complete more and more fetches we will be here to help you grow and thrive within this industry. Your first reward pack is only 9 fetches away!

11 - 50 Jobs

Completion of fetch number 10 makes you a Pooch! We consider you a vital part of the GoFetch Pack and we would like to thank you for your hard work. In addition to a $10 bonus that will be paid into your account, you will be rewarded with a $10 Promo Code as we realise that Fetchers can be Customers too - use that code the next time *you* need something delivered. Your next reward pack is only 40 fetches away and includes a bigger cash bonus.

51 - 100 Jobs

Completion of fetch number 50 elevates you to Mad Dog. For this achievement you will receive a $50 cash bonus plus another $10 promo code to use anytime you need something delivered. Keep up to great work and complete more jobs to unlock more great rewards! There are now only 2 levels above you- ‘Top Dog’ and ‘Best in Show’- where a big prize awaits.

101 - 499 Jobs

Completing your 100 th fetch is an incredible milestone and we will reward you accordingly. A cash bonus of $100 and a $10 promo code for your own delivery is yours. Being a Top Dog means you’ve become such an important supplier to GoFetch that we will now allocate more of our VIP customers’ jobs to you. It also means you’re only 1 step away from our highest possible Fetcher status. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing to unlock our best reward - a $500 STA Travel Voucher!

500 Jobs

OMG! You’re PAWSOME! Completion of your 500th Fetch for GoFetch gives you the greatest honour in the Kennel Club - Best In Show! There is no higher recognition at GoFetch and you will have won yourself a $500 STA Travel Voucher from STA Travel St Kilda to acknowledge your incredible effort and loyalty in achieving this milestone. As a Foundation Fetcher integral to our success, you will also be invited to all future events and functions.